"When we really dare to fall, we fall in the light that is our essence. All we can lose is not what we are." 

Nobody’s Dance is the metaphor Zoë uses to talk about living life in the light of the present moment, past duality. When we become unattached to identities, to stories, to outcomes, to whatever is changeable and thus only an interpretation of what is, we become free. We are open to be nobody, and we allow life to dance through us.

The more we become unattached and fall in the moment, the more we feel deeply touched by … whatever there is. It doesn’t matter what kind of dance is going on. The deep realization that the dance is going on is all there is.

Nobody’s Dance is not about dancing, and it is about dancing. The road to freedom goes over paradoxes …

Nobody’s Dance is about experiencing non-duality through the body.

Nobody’s Dance is about living a life in the light of the present moment. Living a meaningful life. Even if it isn’t. Another paradox.

The ultimate experience of life is love. Isn’t love what we are looking for all the time? Love is what makes us go out, and love is what brings us home.

The visual version of love is beauty.

There are two ways to experience love or beauty: by generating it inside ourselves and by seeing it outside ourselves. It is: to express love and to be touched by love, to create beauty and to witness beauty.

What does it take? To set ourselves free. To give up attachments, attachments to our identities, to our stories. We are so caught up in them that we don’t see what is there, really, in ourselves, and around ourselves.

Let go. It is all just a dance.

The more we become free and nobody, the more love itself starts dancing through us. Our life becomes a Nobody’s Dance.