The dynamics of a group is wonderful energy, waves that change the frequency of the room.

A Nobody’s Dance event is about uncovering our truest self, which is pure love and beauty. Always.

We work in an energy field, a safe high frequency circle. We use body movement to question what is under the surface of our mind. We use each other to recognize ourselves. We use our tears and laughter to loosen up. We let the energy field do its job.

We don’t work work our way through a pre-made program. That wouldn’t be like Nobody’s Dance. We work with the light of the present moment. The beauty of this work is that it shows the way as we are going. Nothing needs to be premeditated.

1-day program


A day in which we remember our true nature. When we meet each other in synchronicity, we start moving in synchronicity. It is consciousness meeting consciousness. We become inspired creators of (our own) life. This days includes transformational work, time for stillness and meditation. It is mostly coming home in our true essence, which is oneness, love and freedom.

We can’t be free and uncreative at the same time. Life is a creative force by its own nature.

1-day program women only


Although life is all about the meeting of the feminine and masculine energy (Shakti and Shiva), it is also very natural for women to celebrate their sacred life force behind closed doors. This is a day to be honest to ourselves and loving to each other, a space to safely share and heal. A moment for women to restore their integrity and to write poetry, to awaken Shakti and to uncover their creativity.

Shakti (sacred feminine life-force) inspires us to live our destiny in the physical world while at the same time transcending the physical world.

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