7 May 2023

Summer Plans

Dear friends,

Some people get confused about being at peace. They try to appreciate everything equally, to be ‘zen’ about whatever happens in their life. They have learned that whatever they experience is ultimately not true and distance themselves from what they are feeling. But this is not the road to freedom. This is the road to very subtle duality, a prison with zen allure. Freedom is not something you can learn or work for. You don’t have to try your best. All you can do is observe, and ultimately become the observation. You will find that your true nature is awareness, and not that person who is sometimes in peace and sometimes not, who sometimes feels happy and sometimes sad. This person is not your true nature, and it doesn’t make sense to model it into a zen person. No matter how ‘zen’, the person will never be your true nature. You can as well feel free as a person and not try to be something.  

I realize that my true nature is awareness, meanwhile I prefer warm weather, bright light, and unspoilt nature. I realize that it’s only here and now that I can experience my true nature, meanwhile I look forward to the Nobody’s Dance Summer celebration ‘camps’ in Italy this summer.

Picture by Lien van den Eynde

Indeed. We have two weeks of summer camps. An extra week is scheduled in the first week of July! We will be in Piemonte in the North of Italy. I often go there, and I am always amazed by how I get recharged with life force. When I first arrive, I feel a bit contracted and tired, clumsy when jumping from bolder to bolder in the river. And then the magic happens. I get energized, I feel alive, I start playing. I literally climb in trees. I get in tune with nature around me and nature inside me. It feels like coming home. So, am I happy that I can be there for two Nobody’s Dance Summer Celebration camps, and in between! You are so welcome to join me!

Much love, Zoë

Don’t Ask Why

4 April 2023

Dear Friends,

Life does not always go as planned. Imagine it would. Imagine you could always foretell and control what happens. How terribly uninteresting your life would be! You’d only have to follow and finish the predetermined program.

Luckily that is not how it works. Life is constantly going off track. It unexpectedly blocks the road we wanted to take, and it pushes us to go where we didn’t plan to go. And that is where the adventure takes place, where we feel most alive. All we need to enjoy this adventure, is an empty mind and an open heart. 

I am on my way back from Piemonte (I) where I spent a few days with my friend Valérie and her family. Valérie has a body that is ill and that determines the way she lives. She cannot work as most people do and needs to live in a warmer and dryer place than Belgium. She tells me how she is really in peace with her health. She likes the choices she must make, the simple life in nature that suits her. 

My youngest son just let me know how yesterday while skiing in Austria he went off track and got lost for an hour. He was scared and frustrated, and at the same time he felt so very much alive.

Don’t Ask Why

Lately many things didn’t go as planned for me neither, and instead of being confused, I feel very much alive. My mind marvels and my heart feels light. There is one very simple secret to this ease with which I take things: I don’t ask why. I don’t ask why some doors close and others open. I just witness and choose to live in the moment. In the moment is the only place I can possibly live anyhow. 

It is so simple and yet so powerful. The moment you stop asking why, you stop your mind from taking you away from the present moment. It is also an act of trust. A spiritual life is a life in which you trust that you are guided by something more powerful than your very limited and often troubled mind. It’s of course what a life like a Nobody’s Dance is about.

Nobody’s Dance Summer Celebration

Yesterday, we also visited the place where we are going to spend a week in the summer. A wonderful place in nature. Remote and magical, peaceful and inspiring. During the Nobody’s Dance Summer Celebration, we are going to practice emptying our minds and opening our hearts. Mostly, we are going to celebrate life, to connect, to climb mountains, to play, to bathe in the river, to just be together. It will be a life transforming week. There is room for ten people. Don’t hesitate to reply to this email to preregister or ask your questions. You are very welcome to join us!

With an empty mind, an open heart and deep gratitude,
and much love,

No text to read this time

14 March 2023

No tradition

11 February 2023

Dear friends,

I like to start the day with one of the 99 divine names of the One Love (Sufism). I ‘randomly’ open the book of the 99 names* and see what name I come across. I read the name, and the text written underneath. This morning the name was Al-Latif. Al-Latif is subtle, caring, tender all-pervading gentleness. Al-Latif is connected to the feminine, and ‘yet being a woman means to be strong, stronger than a man. For it is the woman who elevates the man to the level of the heart. Her soul precedes the man’s soul. A woman’s sight is wide and full of nuances, her deeds often work in the background. She contains the world, whereas the man penetrates it.’

This description of Al-Latif could be the description of an aspect of Shakti, the sacred feminine life-force (tantrism). Shakti is the primal divine energy that creates the world and that IS the world. Without Shakti, masculine consciousness (Shiva) cannot manifest. It would only be pure unmoving awareness. Shakti has many aspects, embodied by all the different goddesses of the Hindu pantheon. Sometimes she is very tender and loving, sometimes she is an invincible warrior, but always she is powerful and showing the way to unity. Yes, in the end, the love and the war of Shakti mean to free us from our egoic prisons.

Back to the Sufi tradition. The idea of working with the 99 names of the divine love (Allah) is that you recite the name 100 times to enhance or receive their vibration. In Sufism this practice is called dhikr. It means remembering. I would say: remembering our true essence. 

In tantrism and in other Hindu related traditions, mantras are used for this same purpose. Mantra chanting is nothing else than repeating divine names to enhance or receive their vibration.

I like to see the similarities in different religious tradition. When I was in India, in the Osho (no tradition) ashram, I saw an Indian devotee whirling in ecstasy, totally free and totally in control. I was mesmerized by (and in love with) his way if dancing and asked him afterwards if he was inspired by the whirling of the Sufis. He said: No, I just allow divine energy to take over.

I am myself without a religion and without a guru. I am of course a spiritual person and consider life itself as my guru. This ‘independent’ way of traveling to unio mysticais may not always be the most comfortable way of traveling, but it is my way. It is not a choice; it is what it is. And I can only feel gratitude for this freedom, this freedom to borrow from different traditions, to investigate, to experience, to use my skills and to follow my heart. Maybe this freedom is my guru too, my only possible companion to truth, to unio mystica.

To remember your true essence, and travel to unio mystica with me, join me in Nobody’s Dance.

Much love,

*Rosina-Fawzia Al-Rawi: Divine Names, The 99 Healing Names of the One Love.

Letter from India

17 January 2023

Dear friends,

I am writing this letter on my last morning in India, heaving breakfast at a rooftop terrace with mountain view. It’s too early to say anything about the inner journey I made, but I do want to tell you something about what makes me love this region of Rishikesh (North of India). Rishikesh is known to be the capital of Yoga. I dreaded spiritual tourism when I decided to start my time in India here, and not without a reason – one would need months to try every yoga class that is offered here. Some are of course very valuable, but not all of them. At the same time: there aren’t that many tourists. So, it is not a problem. And I didn’t come to do Yoga. I came to learn more about Shakti and Kundalini. But that is part of the inner journey story I keep for later.It is so easy here to live as in a nobody’s dance! It is so easy here to live in the moment and go with the flow, to roll from one nice place into another, to meet one beautiful travel or local friend and then another one, to go from the hectic town centers to the quiet forests in the mountains, or sit at the magnificent Ganges. The vibes here just carry you around. It’s an unusual energy. 

People have only one main purpose here. There is one thing everybody here has in common: spirituality. Ashrams and temples are all over the place. You hear clinging of bells, chanting of devotees, you see images of deities wherever you come, people dressed in orange or white, saddhu’s sitting along the streets, daily ceremonies at the banks of the holy river … it is just one big interconnectedness that welcomes you to join in, to celebrate along. This is the power of spirituality. What else is spirituality than the understanding that we are not separate. We are one. One consciousness. If we wish well to another, we wish well to ourselves, we wish well to universe. I don’t think everybody here reflects on this in the way I do in writing about it, but they don’t need to. They are naturals. Everybody is spiritual (and most are religious) by birth, and they care, they share.

I wasn’t planning on staying here for the entirety of my time in India, but I did. This place is difficult to leave behind. I did go back and forth between where I was staying and the town centers, and I needed transport for that. When there were no rickshas going to where I wanted to go (they have limited radius), I just waved my hand for a minute and a car or motorbike would stop. Sometimes I paid the equivalent of one euro, sometimes I didn’t have the opportunity to pay. When I did take a ricksha, the driver would offer five or six local people to join the ride. It was paid and he was driving anyway, so why not take more people. Indeed. Why not? I was happy, the driver was happy, the other passengers were happy. It feels totally natural and yet it is very unusual in the West, to share because you realize there is no loss, to share because it feels good for all parties, because it is heart opening.

In the West our lives are not impregnated with spirituality. We have a mechanical worldview and believe to be separate individuals. On a material level, we have so much, and yet we constantly fear loss. We have so many possibilities and can’t find purpose. Of course, the Indian people here think our lives in the West are much better, and some are really very poor. And of course, I feel privileged to have the means to travel and pay the rickshas. But what I am most grateful for is not something I paid. I have been carried by the vibes of the ‘naturals’, their friendliness and easiness. My heart could relax and feel at home here. It is a place where it is very easy to remember one’s true nature.

I am already home again when I am finishing this letter. Two beautiful local friends came to join me at my table on the rooftop terrace. So, I stopped writing and shared a precious moment with them. Going with the flow. Nobody’s Dance. One life and deep gratitude.

Much love,

Before I leave

27 December 2022

Dearest beautiful people,

A few lines just before I leave for India tomorrow. Yes, I am going to dance into the new year in the land of Shakti, but it is here that I want to say goodbye and thanks to the past year.

2023 has been the year in which Nobody’s Dance saw the light. I remember how being ill at the end of 2021 (first covid, then hospiatlization because of gut issues) fueled my fire to follow my call. I had held back for long enough. I often had had visions of myself dancing, moving through a group of people, led by a particular mystical atmosphere in the room. Something with healing energy and art at the same time. Something in which I only had to ‘be’. For twenty years I had been flirting with this ‘I feel that I only have to ‘be’’. Could I finally do this? Or not stop this anymore? And yes, in my vision, I was also traveling for this …

I had no idea how it was going to come about. I only told myself: “You are not going to die with your dance still in your heart.” And then I started making a website, and then I invited people to do one-on-one sessions in my living room, and then a few people booked sessions, and then I remembered I wanted to work with groups. And then Ludo offered me a beautiful space to work with groups. And then it was just happening! We were small groups, but each time the compostion of the group felt perfect for that day. I felt carried by something much more powerful than myself, as if, indeed, I only had to ‘be’. That is of course what Nobody’s Dance is about. It is about what happens when we just are, when we get out of the way, when we let go of our identities and stories, and just allow the moment to unfold through us. It has been so moving to see so many beautiful people opening their hearts during the events, and showing their gratitude afterwards. There is one comment that I heard a few times and that I like the most: “It’s like you are not doing anything.” That is of course the ultimate compliment for someone offering ‘Nobody’s Dance’.

Meanwhile I kept on traveling and writing articles and meeting people, and so I happened to meet Donato who asked to do an event in Turin. It took place in the basement of a beautiful pallazzo in the city, and the mystical atmosphere was totally there. People were opening their hearts and connecting to the energies. I remember sitting in the room after the event. Everybody had expressed their gratitude and left the room. I realized that what had just happened, was what I had always imagined. Me moving around in a group of people, led by the mystical atmoshpere. Abroad. I felt so home in my own life. This was living my destiny.

I am telling you this to encourage you to follow the nobody’s dance of your own heart. What if you let go of old ideas, of other people’s expectations, of fears? What is your vision? What is it that you see when you imagine yourself to be totally free? What very small step could you start with?

I guarantee life will help you with the bigger steps. Let go of control and allow life to find you.

In the past two weeks I have been dealing with influenza. It feels like a perfect timing. Again that step back ( it has been a deep one!) to rekindle the fire for the new year.

I would love to meet you there! Find the calendar on the website. Sunday 22 January we’ll have the first event of the new year in Nazareth. Don’t hesitate to ask your questions by replying tot this email. You will find how to register on the website, and you can also just let me know that you will be there. You are very welcome!

Wishing you a beautiful and authentic vision, and a wonderful nobody’s dance in the new year, with lots of light and freedom!

Much love,

I don’t know

21 November

Dearest friends,

It’s been a while since I last wrote you a letter. I don’t know why. It just didn’t happen. Not that there wasn’t anything to tell. 

I could have told you how my YouTube channel was removed by YouTube. Thirty thousand views and hundreds of subscribers suddenly gone. Evaporated. It was both hallucinating and liberating. And it was life showing the way. Although I like to travel and speak different languages, I am not a journalist. Interviewing people has been a beautiful experience, and a short one. It was a bit cool to be a YouTuber – my youngest son liked to check the statistics and be impressed by his mother’s ‘success’ – but it was not really living my essence for me.

I could have told you about Nobody’s Dance in Turin, how grateful I was this simply happened. I had been wondering beforehand if it would work the same with Italian people. It did. They were so open and surrendering. It was absolutely moving. I had asked my friend Silvia to be there and translate, but she couldn’t make it. Life showing the way: I found that I could do it myself in Italian. Traveling and speaking different languages while doing Nobody’s Dance is living my essence for me.

In my life – my Nobody’s Dance – I really don’t need to decide that much myself. These last weeks I have been wondering about the program as from January 2023. But it hasn’t revealed itself yet. Probably there will be more events at a regular basis in Nazareth (thank you, Ludo). Probably there will be a second event in Turin (thank you, Donato). Probably there will be a first one in Zürich (thank you, Sonja). And probably I will also offer programs of entire days (maybe weekends) in which we spread out the intensity of the three-hour events (as we had them until now). These events will offer more time to integrate and to be in the ‘zone’. Probably.

I don’t know. I do know that by being free in my mind and surrendering to the moment, life shows me the way. When I am not controlling but just available instead, life unfolds itself in the most unexpected ways. This is what Nobody’s Dance is about: getting out of the way, being present in the moment and witnessing how life is organizing for you. 

Another thing I do know is that there are still two events planned in this year. The first one next Sunday, 27 November. A few people can still join. If you feel life is showing the way to you participating, you are more than welcome!

Much love, Zoë

Making art of every moment

9 October 2022

why behave when you could be free
why control when you could play
why exercise when you could dance
why long for what’s not
when you could see what is
the present
why think when you could sink
in it
why be right when you could be beautiful
why be there when you could be here
why miss when you could love

And why write a text when you could write a poem? (smiley) Above my Sunday morning inspiration. No-Body’s Dance is an intersection of healing (towards our liberated self) and art. The more we become free, let go of control, the more we become available for inspiration to find us. It always happens in the moment. It’s about making art, as in writing, painting, singing … It’s also about making art of whatever we do, the way we meet and greet, the way we walk, the way we view the world … It’s mostly about making art of our own life, of the way we follow our path. Living the dance of nobody is living our destiny, living the life that we were meant to live.

Welcome to join a small group event in 
Nazareth (B): Sunday 16 October
Turin (I): Saturday 5 November
Individual session possible in Turin on 6 November

Don’t hesitate to contact me for more information, through the website or by replying to this email. Thank you for forwarding this letter to whom you think might benefit from it. 

Have a wonderful moment,

It felt just natural

16 September 2022

When I was a child, I would sometimes go outside in the evening. I would leave behind the concrete life in my mother’s house and stand in the garden. I would just be still and watch the darkness, the black shapes of the trees, the stars in the sky. I would enjoy feeling the cold air on my cheeks and notice the smell of the damp grass. I would feel that I was experiencing something deep and promising. Something about the real life. Something huge and impressive. Something that made me feel very much alive.

I probably use more words to describe this experience now than I did then. Mentally, I didn’t understand what I was experiencing. I didn’t feel the need to understand anything. It felt just natural. More natural than anything else in my life. 

It seems I needed many detours in the years that followed to lose and find and lose and find … what was so natural for that little girl in my mother’s garden. 

No-Body’s Dance helps us remember what our essence is. What real life is. It only takes giving up attachments to our concrete life and becoming a nobody. Then we become available and life itself starts dancing through us. 

This nobody writing to you is dancing in Turin (I) at the moment but will be back for our next No-Body’s Dance event in Nazareth (B), on Sunday 25 September. 

This is for you if you wished this were for you. You are welcome. You don’t need to be ready. You are ready anyhow. Just register by replying to this email or by sending any other message to me or Ludo.

Much love,

Will you be there, Barry?

18 August 2022

Last night, I was talking to my friend Barry. We were sitting on a bench along the river bank in the city while the sun was setting. Although we live in the same city, we don’t meet very often. Maybe every two or three months. And then we catch up on our life and love stories, with amazement or confusion. We live in very different worlds. Barry never did any yoga, never sang mantras, never went to any spiritual woohoogathering, and feels rather skeptical about yet another acquaintance who suddenly calls himself a shaman. I understand. I myself never longed to be spiritual. If I could be happy in any other way, that would be fine too. But I can’t be happy ignoring what life invites me to live. Pretending that my life as Zoë is all there is. My life as Zoë really is only the package. And I really can only be happy when I realize Zoë is only the package, a manifestation through which one consciousness can express itself … and witness itself. The more I let go of attachments, the more love and beauty flows to and through me. 

Barry tells me he likes to listen when I tell him about this. 
“With you it doesn’t give me the creeps.”
And then we talk about books, and art, and laugh about what we both find funny and nobody else would understand. His new yellow T-shirt project. There is an artist in Barry, and I like that a lot. We are very different and both like that it doesn’t matter. At the end of our meeting he sighs.
“But something is missing.” 
“Maybe you are a very spiritual person after all.”
“Maybe No-Body’s Dance is something for you … You don’t need to behave as a spiritual person, you know. It’s just about being you. And it’s all about love, infinite love, without stories.”
“I would like to dance. It’s been a long time.”

Of course Barry is totally free to come or not to come, as you are, whether you behave as a spiritual person or not. (I don’t even know what it means to behave as a spiritual person). I like No-Body’s Dance to be accessible to many kinds of people. Because we are only different forms of one consciousness. No-Body’s Dance is about remembering that.

Should you prefer to have a private session with me, that’s also possible. One hour of being together and taking away some of what stands in the way of experiencing this one consciousness. As from now I also do these sessions in the venue in Nazareth (Gent). Contact me or reply to this newsletter to schedule a moment. 

With my friend Esther

The Dance of Nobody

23 June 2022

A No-Body’s Dance event does not necessarily have a theme, but usually there is one that emerges. In the next edition, the theme will be related to destiny.

This week I had the privilege of being with a tree. Something happens when I am with a tree. I feel received and carried and don’t want to be anywhere else but there. It moves me to tears. Only a day later I realised that I could have been afraid of falling. High up in the tree, that thought did not occur to me. 

Of course, my destiny is not only to climb trees. My destiny has to do with No-Body’s Dance. The dance of nobody. The dance of life itself moving through us. Unconditioned. Unconceptualised. And inspired.

In my world, we laugh, we cry, we fall, we jump, we sing, we climb trees, we run through the pouring rain … because it happens. Because we don’t ask ourselves if it is appropriate. Because we are life itself. Because we dance in gratitude. Because we honour that we are part of an infinite living piece of art. Because we choose to let it be poetry.

No-Body’s Dance is a metaphor for a way of life. A life inspired by the light of the present moment. An event of No-Body’s Dance is a reminder of that. Very welcome to join the metaphor!

Much love,

An unusual No-Body’s Dance + interview in France

7 June 2022

Dear ones,

Last Friday we had a No-Body’s Dance event, for the first time in the evening, for the first time with Daivika. Daivika is life changing inspiration to me and when she first suggested I could do a No-Body’s Dance event as a pre-programme of a weekend with her, I only … contracted. But then my inner coach said: come on, let’s not avoid, overcome your thinking that you are too small … You know that chat.

So, beloved Cicera organized the event. Preparing, I was thinking: they will all have had a long day, they have an upcoming intensive weekend. I shouldn’t bother them too much. Let’s skip the awaken-the-body-part, let’s skip the circle of saying something, let’s skip me asking questions when they come up … let’s keep it very pure. Let them glide into being a nobody and witness the movement, witness what happens when they don’t decide to move, nor not to. 

Somehow, selecting the music for the playlist, I also felt it could only be soft music. Selecting the music for a No-Body’s Dance event is a No-Body’s Dance in its own right: it’s not me, Zoë, selecting, it is selection happening. I find it very amusing to witness.

So, there we were. A beautiful group of people at the end of a long day. I did do some breathing practice and I did say a few words in the beginning – also freshly inspired by a non-duality seminar I had just attended in France – and then let them go their way. All I did was hover around, going from one to another and interacting with them in an intuitive way. And I was noticing: hum … they are all staying in their own bubble, eyes closed, down on the floor and hardly using the space. While I always say that the result of a NoBody’s Dance is that people feel SO connected to each other, here they were not connecting to each other at all. I was afraid I was doing something totally wrong. 

So, afterwards, a few kind people said something nice, and Daivika said it was perfect, but I didn’t feel fulfilled. It couldn’t have been different, and No-Body’s Dance by definition has no standard recipe, but still … I like to see that hearts have opened at the end of an event.

Now, a few days later, also with feedback of Daivika. I can feel gratitude again. This No-Body’s Dance was also perfect because it was a … NoBody’s Dance. Nothing conceptualized. Life happening at that moment as it was. I only read beautiful feedback of Daivika (I will probably publish more on the website) but one line I especially liked: “Even though there wasn’t that much connection between us all, I felt everyone was connected to the universal energy in a very strong way. The atmosphere in the room was magical, the whole universe within reach.” 

Truly, I felt that too. But it was so subtle that I didn’t know whether other people would feel it that way.

That said: next Sunday there is another No-Body’s Dance event in Nazareth (Gent). I can already tell that the music that is being selected is not only calm. And I will not think that participants already had a long day and that I shouldn’t bother them too much …. I am curious to see how life will happen through our No-Bodies this time.

The seminar in France I attended was one with Eric Baret. I went there to make an interview with him on Jean Klein – a famous non-duality teacher of the twentieth century (for those who don’t know yet: I recently became an editorial member of the Dutch magazine InZicht.). I am sharing this as a preview. You might still see two or three question marks in the translation. I am waiting for my French friends to help me out. If you are an expert (In Indian names) and know what I missed: you are very welcome to send me your feedback.

Additional note (written 14 Feb ’23): my initial channel with the subtitled video was removed by YouTube. Unfortunately the subtitles are lost. I re-uploaded the video on a small ‘under cover channel’, for those who understand French.

I would love to see you next Sunday in Nazareth for another unusual No-Body’s Dance event. Let me know if you are coming by replying to this letter or by sending a message to our host Ludo. We will answer to you with the details.

Much much love,


From Rome to Nazareth

18 April 2022

Dear friend,

Yesterday, I came back from Rome. Breathtakingly beautiful Rome. Ah, that light, these palazzos, these colors, these narrow streets, these green parks, … and that favorite language of mine.

This time I wasn’t in search of female Sufis, but love and beauty are of course always on my mind (or rather, in my heart). And the sacred feminine life force keeps manifesting on my path. Amazingly.

Somehow, when walking in one of these small, cozy streets (Via Celsa), my eye fell upon a small announcement: Sacred Dance course with Ganga Devi. Women only.

So, of course, the next day I was there …

What Ganga Devi offers is called Odissi: Indian sacred dancing, traditionally practiced in the temples for healing. She invited us to write a poem about our essence. Then Ganga showed us how to dance this poem, with (hand) gestures illustrating the meaning of the words we had written. I loved her grace, her caring, and her authenticity. As in every sacred practice it was about remembering of, and reconnecting to, the higher frequency that we are (that we suppress too often), while connecting also to each other.

This is also what happens in a No-Body’s Dance event, in a very powerful way. It’s energy work in the first place. It’s much less literally dancing than what I did with Ganga. It’s mostly about remembering what we truly are, and raising the frequency in which we live. At the risk of causing spontaneous dancing …

What inspired and touched me in the sacred dancing course with Ganga is that she sticks to her very own authentic call. She recently moved to Rome from California (her partner is Roman) and doesn’t speak Italian yet. So, she has to address English speaking people (not many among the Romans!) who are open for a ‘strange’ course in which you have to write and do sacred dancing. Not easy. I really hope more people wil find their way to Ganga. Her work is truly worth it.

So, why would we want to lift our frequency? Because it is reconnecting us with our most beautiful and loving self. It helps us enhance our intuition and inspiration, find our own call, own our space in this life, and become clear about the next step to take.

The next group event of No-Body’s Dance is 8 May in Nazareth (close to Ghent). Both men and women are welcome. Still a few places left. Find more information on the website. To register you can also simply reply to this email.

Is this for you? Just FEEL if you want to be there. Your heart knows better than your mind. You are anyhow very welcome.

Much, much love,

Am I a Sufi?

10 March 2022

Dearest reader,

Last week I was in Brittany in France in a precious and small (but expanding!) Sufi oriented community/retreat center. Aya (the founding mother of this place) and much younger Nura (cooking, singing and massaging purity incarnate) welcomed me to a bath of love in a beautiful place in nature.

On my way back in the train, I felt fulfilled and grateful for this blessed life. 

I expected that this would be the effect of spending time in a Sufi house, and yet things happened differently than I had had in mind. I hadn’t realized beforehand that I was so much in need of care! 

It is easy to stage my life as the one I always wanted to have and many think of as the dream. I have a part time job that I love and that provides me with a basic income, and I have time to travel and write. I am that multilingual investigating traveling woman I would want to be if I wasn’t already. While sitting in the train on the way to Brittany, I was finishing one of the articles on my Turkey travel that will be published in Dutch magazines in springtime. The next day I was chanting and whirling on a Sufi celebration day. That’s the life for me. Or rather … that’s the picture of ‘the life’ for me …

The days after the Sufi celebration day, when there was less of a programme and more time to feel, rest, be fed, and sleep, I felt like I had an extended hangover. I had headaches most of the time, my belly was swollen, and I simply felt very tired. Not a very juicy woman in the bath of love provided! I even felt a bit worried – what is wrong with me? – and at the same time, or rather after some time, I realized: this is what happens when I am taken care of. I feel how much I need it. I asked for a session with Aya, and much in the way of when people come to me for sessions, I could leave behind (scream out) some stress memory. At the end of the session, I felt so touched to be with a big sister, generously giving me all her undivided attention and unconditional love. I felt connected, to her, to myself, to Love itself.

‘The life’ is not so much about what we do. It is all about feeling connected. Asking and receiving care is one way to connect. For some, definitely for me, asking and receiving care is a very soothing and healing way to connect. 

The last day of my stay with Aya and Nura, I felt juicy energy coming back, dancing energy, energy saying: what shall we do today? I was recharged. And I felt connected.

Thank you Aya and Nura!


Am I a Sufi?

In Sufism, the only true reality is Love. For me too.
In Sufism, one doesn’t want to find definite answers but rather keeps on questioning. That is me.
In Sufism, one focuses on seeing and creating beauty. It’s my aspiration too. 
In Sufism, that ultimate reality, Love, is celebrated in dancing and poetry, in togetherness. I say yes to that.
A Sufi strives to live in the light of the present moment. It is my practice.

And Sufis just got style. The colours, the language, the music … 

And yet … 

Living life in the light of the present moment is about not confining oneself to a definition and embracing uncertainty (there no such thing as certainty anyhow). For me this poetic feeling of oneness becomes tangible when I don’t try to define, when I am in in-between space. When I let life flow through me in the present moment. When my life becomes a No-Body’s Dance.

Am I a Sufi? Everything I am saying here sounds very much like Sufism.

There is no need to answer the question. I love the question.

To talk about your question and receive your care and healing in the energy field of love, book your session with me by responding to this email or by just calling me +32 475523883.

You are very welcome!

Much love, from my heart to yours,

P.S. The Sufi retreat center/community of Aya is called Le Moulin Des Hirondelles. Check my Facebook or ask me if you can’t find it.

It’s the Poet

25 January 2022

Dearest all,

I am not writing this love letter from a tiny rooftop hotel room in Istanbul, as I had vaguely pictured before I left for Turkey. I am simply writing from home, ten days after I returned. Universe has its own timing, and I do not always understand it, but I so much like to surrender to it. It’s probably part of my credo.

In Istanbul (and before in Konya, in Cappadocia, and in the Taurus Mountains) I was probably too much part of my stories to also write about them in a small format as this love letter. I shared some fragments on Facebook and Instagram. In this letter I want to take it a step further than the picture level.

The way I travel is no instant gratification. I often don’t know why I am walking where I am walking, I often get totally lost, and in general the magic isn’t waiting around the corner. But it also feels natural to me. I love to wander for the sake of wandering. I love the undefined. It’s the path I need to walk. It’s the dance for me to dance. Following that call is probably also part of my credo. 

Getting lost on my way is perhaps the humble payment I offer for what I get in return. Maybe life and I have a deal there. I often think life must love me. Honestly. 

I am amazed by the poetry
but it’s
the Poet I am in love with

Divine interventions provided me with amazing moments and life changing meetings. Incredibly beautiful souls have crossed my path. I had conversations with wise men about the divine, and I fell in love a hundred times with the eyes of women who gave me their smiles in the streets. Absolute poetry. 

And still, this is the picture level. Stories to tell.

Beautiful as they are, these moments and meetings – in a breathtaking historical and intercultural background! –  are but a reflection of what is creating these moments and meetings. They are the poetry of the Poet. 

I am amazed by the poetry, but it’s the Poet I am in love with.

I also like to call this Poet, Love. Or Life. Or Oneness. Or interconnectedness of all things. My friends in Turkey call it Allah. (Especially in Sufism, Allah is non-dogmatic and undefined, and Love above all).

I love poetry, I love stories, I cultivate stories, but there is a greater truth. I always want to realize that …

Our stories are merely the constantly changing reflections of the never changing Oneness.

Constant awareness of that invisible and intangible Oneness is my truest goal and fulfilment. Oneness is carrying me when I walk around without knowing where I am. Oneness makes me never feel lonely or scared when I travel alone. Oneness makes me feel love, also when I get lost. It’s the meaning of my life. Oneness IS LOVE. It is the start and the end of my credo. 

It’s very simple for me. When I am in touch with this Oneness, I am happy. When I am not in touch with it, I am unhappy. So, when I am unhappy, I know I have lost it. I also know where to go and find it back. Not in the pictures …

Be drunk with love,
for Love is all that exists.


Lines of Rumi can be read for the story (picture level), some use it to refer to romantic love, but all his writings really only point towards Love of the divine. His words invite you to seek the level of Oneness, because it is the only truth.

Oneness is also receiving you in the field of a No-body’s Dance session. In a session we always, whether we name it or not, work on what is keeping us from experiencing Oneness, that Love for everything. After a session we have always come closer to who we truly are in the field of Oneness. 

Book your moment in the field of Oneness with me by simply replying to this email or by sending a message through my website. 

Much much love,

I can’t elaborate much on Sufism in the scope of this love letter. In the strictest sense, Sufism is Islamic mysticism. Mysticism goes beyond religion by nature, and Sufism, with its sense of beauty and love, attracts people from many different religious affiliations, and from none at all. In its broadest sense, Sufism is simply an orientation towards Love. Interested speakers of Dutch can google to find my master thesis in which I have compared Rumi to Ruusbroec (a Brabantic medieval mystic). Add ‘Ugent’ in your search. 

A very first No-Body’s Dance Love Letter!

15 December 2021

You are receiving this letter because you subscribed to the mailing list on my website, or because you are a friend whom I added myself. In any case, feel free to unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive my letters. And no, I don’t intend to write to you that often. I intend to write to you on a very irregular basis, not because my calendar tells me, not for marketing reasons. Just from my heart to your heart, just when … it happens.

It happens. 

As a non-judging witness, it is maybe all we can say about what happens in the world and in our lives: it happens. The more we can let go of judging and identifying with what happens, the more LIFE itself starts flowing through our personal lives. The more our life becomes a dance.

This is what the No-Body’s Dance sessions are about. In a session I let go of my own ‘self’ and my body captures information about the receiver in the energy field. We then work with this information. I am always amazed to witness how easily and unexpectedly this information comes in, to hear how matching, revealing and healing it is. 


In this very first love letter, I want to tell you something about the notion of SHAKTI. 

Shakti is the sacred feminine life force and she comes in many faces. She is the primal life force of all existence and she is also embodied by all the main goddesses of the Hindu pantheon. She actually IS embodiment herself. WIthout her life force there wouldn’t be any forms of life. There would only be consciousness. She is the devoted and unconditional love of a housewife and the uncompromising determination of a female solo traveler. She is beauty and creativity. She is not afraid to love and not afraid to fight. She is many things, but always, she is passionate and powerful. As a woman, I like to call upon Shakti to empower me. Sometimes I call for Shakti love, sometimes I ask to be a Shakti warrior. 

Shakti: sacred feminine life-force

As a woman you can unveil and cultivate Shakti energy. As a man you can do that too – of course you can. Whether man or woman, we all consist of precious male and female energy. On top of that, as a man, you can choose to honor and support Shakti in the women you meet. You will be surprised to find out how rewarding that is!

A Nobody’s Dance session could be about what stands in the way of allowing Shakti – sacred feminine life force – to flow IN you, and to flow TO you.

This is what I wanted to inspire you with in this very first No-Body’s Dance Love letter. At the end of the month, I will be traveling to Turkey, in search of snowy mountains and female Sufis. Maybe it will inspire me to write another love letter to you. 

I will be back from mid-January for sessions. You can book yours through the website or by just calling me +32/(0)4755238. You are of course very welcome to forward this letter to friends who could feel inspired by the content of this letter.

I send you my Shakti love!