A Nobody’s Dance session takes place in an energy field. It is always about remembering our true nature and finding out what stands in the way to do so. As the receiver, you may bring in a theme – you can briefly say something. Then information comes in. Often your energetic condition is expressed through my body, and also what is needed.

Every session is different.

For private sessions I also use the venue in Nazareth (Ghent). You can also book a double session for you and your friend, partner, child, parent, …

You don’t need to be able to do anything like ‘dancing’. Dancing is another word for moving. Not moving is also part of moving – sometimes the most interesting part. It only takes to be present, whether that is standing, sitting or lying down, to Ley the energy do its work. Always I will make sure you feel comfortable.

A session of one hour costs €70.

Living too far away?

If you are unable to physically come to a session, you can book an online session. Please contact to schedule a moment.

Thank you for the wonderful experience. I felt cheerful and free afterwards. It certainly has an after effect, and fits in wonderfully with my recent experiences, insights and development.

Mattias – Belgium

The session has changed my life. It has helped me to look at myself in the mirror and choose the life that is mine. I am very happy with the life changing steps I am now taking.

Christophe – Belgium

A gentle, introspective journey accompanied by a warm, supportive hand.

Miek – Belgium

When you put your hand on my back, an entire ‘zona d’ombra’ was suddenly set free.

Claudia – Italy

When you look into my eyes, it goes straight to me heart.

Julia – Italy

There is so much light around you. I feel totally safe with you.

Leen – Belgium