It is my wish to inspire people to live their life in the light of the present moment: to transcend the ego-level and find meaning in dedicating their life to love and beauty.

Many countries I have visited, many courses I have attended, many techniques I have learned, to find everything was already there within me. The searching was of course no mistake. I have lived so many memorable moments, and met with so many inspiring people, I feel enriched and privileged. Nevertheless, the empty space is my real home. The ‘light’ that finds me is my oldest friend. I am so grateful to work with it. And with the ever so beautiful people that cross my path.

Although in Nobody’s Dance I do not use any learned techniques, I have probably been shaped by my experiences with yoga (many traditions in many countries), mindfulness, mysticism, Tao, non-duality, TM, Reconnective Healing, theater workshops, singing classes, sound healing training, Vedic Art, la Danza Sensibile, Contact Impro, family constellations, …

In 2010 I wrote the book Living as God, about non-duality. It is still available in Dutch and in English. It seems to me that Nobody’s Dance is the sequel to Living as God. Back then there surely was a lot of mental clarity, now there is a much deeper experience of that reality that is Love. It is what inspires me and guides me in my being and doing.

I am full of gratitude to Daivika (The Sound of Running Water), who took my hand and told me I only had to step into the field and live my essence. Her love and wisdom inspire me every day.

I am also deeply indebted to Surya (Akasha Center). He is an incredibly gifted sound healer and spiritual teacher. It was in a session with him that I first saw ‘that bleu ball of light’. I later found this blue ball is called the bleu pearl. It keeps showing up since that first sound healing session with Surya. The bleu pearl is like a window that has been opened in me, and at the same time a very loving companion showing me the way. How can I not be grateful for that.

As a linguist, I also work part time in higher education. As a writer, I now and then contribute to Dutch magazines. I am also an editorial member of the Dutch Advaita magazine InZicht.